How to Teach Writing – Jeremy Harmer (Ebook)

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Hello all, tonight I just want to share an ebook by Jeremy Harmer entitled How to Teach Writing. This book consists of 154 pages. I think this book is very useful for us that run in education field. Of course we have to know how to teach. Now, I just have How to Teach Writing. Hopefully next time I can find ebook How to Teach Vocabulary, How to Teach Grammar, How to Teach Speaking, How to Teach English, etc that have relation to our field – education.

I took a little quotation from the introduction of this book, who is this book for?

How to teach Writing has been writing for teachers of English who are interested in writing as a process and in the variety of types of writing, and who would like to use their understanding of these ideas in the activities they offer their students.

An addition, I got this book freely from internet, so I will deliver it to you freely too. You know, it’s hard to find a link that can be downloaded perfectly. I have tried many websites, blogs, and links. So, alhamdulillah finally I got it!

So, try to search by yourself… Good Luck!

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